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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Love Chapter

From My Mother’s Poetry Notebook: The Love Chapter -- I Cor. 13
The Love Chapter -- I Cor. 13
If I could like an angel preach
And with all wisdom others teach;
Yet, if God’s love were not in me,
All this as sounding brass would be.
The love of God, naught takes its place --
No gifts, nor works; not even faith.
The love of God is patient, kind;
It envies not, no fault doth find.
This love divine, seeks not its own,
Will bear all things when self is gone
And love divine behave aright --
No evil thinks, and shows no pride;
Cannot rejoice in what is wrong;
But in the truth -- even though alone.
Yea! love divine will all endure;
Hopes and believes what’s best and pure.
And love divine shall yet increase
When prophecy and tongues shall cease.
We know and speak in part while here --
It will be so till He appear.
Like thro’ a glass we see things here
Then face to face -- there He is near --
And now abides Faith, Hope, and Love --
But greatest of them all is Love.
~ Maurice Boursen --

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